Roc Nation producer Deputy says that despite rumors that the lyrics to Rihanna’s “Bitch Better Have My Money” were stolen, the song is original.

“It’s kind of weird,” Deputy says in the interview with Perez Hilton. “I don’t know how you can steal the phrase ‘bitch better have my money.’ I have no idea where that came from.”

Houston rapper Just Brittany took to Twitter after the release to say her song “Betta Have My Money” was ripped off.

“The Houston femcee included Rihanna’s Twitter handle in her claims but eventually deleted the Tweets,” HipHopDX reports. “Rihanna has yet to respond to Just Brittany’s claims.”

Deputy says he and a songwriter made the song. Once they were finished, they targeted Rihanna for the record.

“I went in the studio with the writer Bibi Bourelly just to attempt something big and dope,” Deputy says. “Once we finished the record, we were like, ‘This is definitely something Rihanna could sing.’”

He says the song was completed before Rihanna’s performance, thus the song should not be taken as an indication that Rihanna has any payment issues.

“The song was already done, so me and Bibi did the record. There isn’t any internal message coming from Rihanna,” Deputy says. “It was just something we thought was dope and she thought it was dope.”

Deputy says that he has heard a few of the songs on Rihanna’s upcoming project.

“I would say that the few records that I did hear are major and big,” Deputy says. “I’m sure her fans will be pleased.”

He would not reveal too much about the upcoming album, but did say that the sounds are timeless.

“Everyone’s gonna love her for the ratchet,” Deputy says. “Its hard for her to ignore that. But the records I heard were definitely timeless records that people could enjoy.”

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