Although Tallahassee, Florida singer T-Pain recently teamed up with DJ Drama for an upcoming Gangsta Grillz mixtape, he revealed that he was previously turned down by Drama when he approached the deejay about being featured on a Gangsta Grillz mixtape.

T-Pain spoke on being turned down by DJ Drama and also offered an update on the status of his mixtape, during a newly-released interview with Global Grind.

According to T-Pain, who revealed that Jeezy’s Trap Or Die is his favorite Gangsta Grillz project, his mixtape with DJ Drama is not yet finished and he plans on working on it up until its release.

“It ain’t really finished yet,” T-Pain said. “So, I gotta finish it. I don’t stop recording til we about to release it. I think it was more of a—I wouldn’t wanna say a vendetta I had with Drama. But it was an interesting story. I tried to get a Gangsta Grillz in probably 2009. And at the time, he was doing—Gangsta Grillz was really Gangsta Grillz. So, Drama was like ‘Dude, you a singer. You’re not a rapper. And I do Gangsta Grillz with rappers.’ And then somehow Trey Songz got one…I had to come correct, man. And just let him know that I can really do a Gangsta Grillz. It’s gon’ be dope. I’m from the streets, man. So, don’t let the singing fool you. I just had to switch it up to singing because everybody in my neighborhood was rapping.”

In regards to the possibility of a collaborative album from himself and Lil Wayne, T-Pain stated that every time he’s wanted to work on the T-Wayne project, there was always something going on on Lil Wayne’s end.

Despite issues with timing, he did reveal that Wayne is “still with” the idea for the joint project.

“Every time I try to do the T-Wayne album something’s going on with Wayne,” he said. “And right now, I don’t think it’s a good time. It’s never really a good time. But every time I try to do it it’s always something going on. He’s still with it. He still sends the songs back and forth and stuff like that. But he don’t really want to release anything because of the situation.”