Jimmy Henchman, the former CEO of Czar Entertainment, has been sentenced to a second life term in prison, the New York Post reports.

A New York City federal judge handed down the sentence yesterday (March 24) for Henchman’s involvement in the 2009 murder of G-Unit affiliate Lowell Fletcher.

Henchman was initially charged with ordering the murder of Fletcher – reportedly in exchange for cocaine – in 2012. A hung jury later delayed his fate in the first murder-for-hire trial. A second proceeding began in December 2014.

According to the Post, Judge Colleen McMahon described Rosemond’s crimes as “heinous” and told the convicted felon that “there’s nothing I can do to alter your fate.”

The case stems from Henchman’s mastermind role in Lowell “Lodi Mack” Fletcher’s muder. Henchman allegedly targeted the G-Unit affiliate after his son was assaulted by Tony Yayo in 2007.

Authorities say Henchman organized at least three botched drive-by shootings aimed at G-Unit associates following his son’s assault.

Prosecutors determined Rosemond paid off Brian “Slim” McCleod in an amount of cocaine worth $30,000 to lead Fletcher to a Bronx street corner in September 2009  where Derrick “D” Grant shot and killed him.

Henchman received his first life sentence for drug trafficking charges in 2013.