After a hung jury delayed his fate in the first murder-for-hire trial, Jimmy Henchman now in the midst of a follow up trial, which could land him another life sentence or the death penalty.

Don Diva Magazine sat in on the proceedings of the first day and gave their account. In their opinion the jury didn’t seem to be fairly selected with some not even understanding both the prosecution or the defense.

“The jury selection process is a subject outside of the scope of what I observed, but I do question the process,” writer Tiffany Chiles described. “I couldn’t help but notice that Rosemond has a juror whom admitted English is his second language and I personally witnessed the same juror not understand or ignore the judge’s basic instructions on where he was and wasn’t permitted to eat lunch.” The magazine also notes that since this is the second trial and most who’ve already testified will repeat what they’ve previously said, the trial should conclude much quicker, possibly by next week.

Earlier this year, Jimmy Henchman was tried in a murder-for-hire case, which stemmed from a 2009 killing of Lowell “Lodi Mack” Fletcher, an affiliate of G-Unit. Henchman faced possible maximum sentences of life in prison or the death penalty in the murder-for-hire trial that began in early February ended in a deadlocked jury this past March. He is currently serving a life sentence on drug charges.

Back in November 50 Cent called Henchman a “rat” via Instagram, exclaiming, “(RAT ALERT) Old Ganagsta Jimmy still talking, he done told everything he could think of now he making up sh!t LMAO.” The post was quickly deleted and was in reference to infamous snitch Big Head Rico from the 1998 movie Belly.

Read the full account of the proceedings here.

For additional 50 Cent coverage, watch the following DX Daily:

UPDATE: Jimmy Henchman was found guilty of murder-for-hire yesterday (December 11), according to Don Diva Magazine.

The jury reportedly deliberated for one day and found him guilty on all charges stemming from his involvement in the 2009 killing of Lowell “Lodi Mack” Fletcher, an affiliate of G-Unit.

Henchman is serving a life sentence on drug charges.

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