In a recent interview with Don Diva magazine, Jimmy Henchman, the former CEO of Czar Entertainment, opened up about his involvement in past scandals in the Hip Hop world and denied that he’s snitched on anyone. Shortly after, 50 Cent, who has feuded continuously with Henchman over the CEO’s alleged involvement in the killing of G-Unit affiliate Lowell “Lodi Mack” Fletcher, posted an Instagram photo calling Henchman a rat.

Earlier this year, Henchman was tried in a murder-for-hire case stemming from the 2009 killing of Fletcher. With possible maximum sentences of life in prison or the death penalty, the murder-for-hire trial that began in early February ended in a deadlocked jury this past March.

In excerpts of his interview with Don Diva released by AllHipHop, Henchman claims that 50 Cent was ready to testify against him before reneging. “One thing for sure is that Curtis was scheduled to testify at my murder trial, but reneged on the prosecutors at the last minute,” he said to Don Diva according to AllHipHop. “Clowns do clown things.”

In a quickly-deleted Instagram post, 50 Cent compared Henchman to the infamous snitch Big Head Rico from the 1998 movie Belly. 50 Cent’s Instagram photo is available below via AllHipHop.

AllHipHop 50 Cent IG

Elsewhere in the interview excerpts released by AllHipHop, Henchman claims that the federal government orchestrated a plot to take him down with the help of previous associates.

“The government skillfully and systematically went after those around me with the help of individuals like [gangster] Haitian Jack, who is now in the witness protection program and was relocated to the Dominican Republic,” he said. “They would arrest [these people] secretly and have them wear wires or tape me. For instance, my accountant John Dash was filing false taxes and defrauding his clients unbeknownst to me. They got him to testify at my drug trial that I never collected cash for my clients while on tour, including Game and Mike Tyson. They also (got a guy who worked for me, named Tony Martin, to say the same thing. This was a total lie… After the family pain, it’s the betrayal that hurts the most. All the guys that falsely testified or helped the government in bringing me down… that hurts me. I thought these guys were my friends: Khalil Abdullah (Craig Woodley), Winston (Winnie) Harris, Henry (Rollin’ 60- Black) Butler, Muhammad (Tef) Stewart, Tony Martin, Freddy Borges and David Hyatt. God Bless them. If any of them were dying of thirst I would have bled from my wrist to save them. That has proven to be my Achilles heel.”

Henchman is currently serving a life sentence for a drug trafficking and narcotics conspiracy conviction he received in October of 2013. He was convicted of overseeing an $11 million a year cocaine trafficking enterprise that stretched from coast to coast and used a musical equipment shipping company as a cover to move cash and cocaine.

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