With his own path to major label success paved by years of hard work as an independent artist, Big K.R.I.T. says he plans on transitioning into a role as an A&R to help musicians navigate the industry.

Speaking with HipHopDX’s Andre Grant, K.R.I.T. explained how dealing with the industry can rob an artist of their passion for music and why that struggle makes liaisons so important. When asked about his possible future as an A&R, the Cadillactica rapper detailed the ways he’d want to help others artists in that role.

“Ah yeah, definitely because, you know, being able to give somebody the opportunity that I’ve had minus some of the bullshit I’ve dealt with,” he said in a clip that debuted as a part of today’s DX Daily. “To kind of show ’em the shortcut. ‘Cause that’s extremely important and then what that does is put them in a position where they can probably be creative longer. You know, ’cause once you deal with certain things in the game, negativity, some of the decisions you have to deal with industry wise, you get to dealing with the paperwork, it can take away some of the happiness that you actually had when you created music. And so I wanna be able to facilitate a situation for people where they don’t have to focus on that so tough, they can focus on the creative side but they know that they’re well taken care of on the business end.”