Nearly three years after the drop of his debut, Dizzy Wright is finally gearing up to release his official sophomore album, The Growing Process.

Speaking with DX’s Justin Hunte about the release, Wright says he “tried to make that perfect rap album for” his fans. While he only hints at the features planned for the tracklist, Dizzy promises some long-awaited collaborations along with some more unexpected pairings.

“I got some collabs on there that I know that people been waiting for forever,” Wright says in a clip that debuted as a part of today’s DX Daily. “I even put some little collabs together that I feel like you would never get this kind of song. It would only have to be an artist like Dizzy Wright to put something like this together. So I feel like I did that for my album. I feel like I got my gun on my waist with my album right now. I’m like, this motherfucker hot. Shit. But I feel like I did my thing. I put it together. I tried to make my perfect rap album for right now, for my time, for my age, for what I got going on, for the fans I see come to my shows. I tried to make that perfect rap album for them. I think I did. I think I got really close.”

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Dizzy Wright’s new video for his song “Floyd Money Mayweather” was released earlier today: