Chance the Rapper recently stopped by Power 105.1 The Breakfast Club alongside his Social Experiment bandmate Donnie Trumpet.

The two fielded a wide range of questions from the hosts including queries concerning their recent high profile collaborations.

Just a few weeks ago, Madonna released her Chance the Rapper featured track, “Iconic.” News that the two were working together surfaced on the Internet several weeks prior.

On the Breakfast Club, Chance detailed exactly how he linked up with “The Material Girl.”

“We’re close friends,” Chance says of his relationship with Madonna. “She’s a very respectable woman…I met her through Frank Ocean, who’s a friend of mine, he brought her to a show once…Madonna knows what’s up.”

Chance landed on the song “Iconic” after another Hip Hop veteran decided to turn down the guest spot on the upbeat, trap-infused pop song.

“We were at some festival and I got a call from Jay Z,” Chance recalls “He was like ‘yo Madonna asked me to get on this “Iconic” record and I think that it would be better if someone who’s a new person I think can be a new icon got on the record.”

“We know some people at Roc Nation,” Chance added. “Jay Z had us play the Made in America festival last year, him and his wife [Beyoncé] checked out our set.”

Chance also acknowledged that the President Obama’s daughter, Malia, came to see a show of his[Lollapalooza] and that he’s met her a few times since his Dad worked on both of the President’s election campaigns.

“She likes music,” Chance says within the clip. “I’m not really really close to her but we maybe met a couple times when I was a shorty, because like I said, my Dad used to work for Obama.”

Check out the full interview below:

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