Iggy Azalea has a peculiar relationship with Hip Hop.

There are the highs, such as winning an American Music Award for her album, The New Classic, receiving multiple Grammy nominations and topping the Billboard charts.

There are also the lows, like the criticism she’s received from rappers, radio personalities and the Internet.

In a recent interview with the Zach Sang & The Gang radio show, Iggy opened up about her personal tribulations within the genre.

When asked if she feels if she doesn’t get enough respect from the Hip Hop community, Iggy says, “I think ultimately they don’t… It’s very frustrating for me because I’ll have personal relationships with them outside of the media, that people don’t understand… Then, I’ll find it particularly offensive because often times they’ll take on the general opinion of others or the viewers to try to get clicks or things like that.”

“It’s fine,” she added. “Hip Hop is tough. It’s a tough world out there for rappers.”

As the three-minute clip continues, Iggy goes on to say that she’s done “playing that game,” referencing the back-and-forth with the media.

She also offers her own idea on why she doesn’t receive the respect she deserves within Hip Hop.

“They know, deep down,” she says. “I think they know. They just don’t want to admit it. That’s what I think. I have a feeling. That’s why they’re mad. Because they do know that I actually am good, and they can’t really accept that. But we could be friends, and this could all be easy. Or we could not, and I could send Bitcoin shit chocolate boxes to your door. But I’m still going to be here.”

Watch the clip below:

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