50 Cent says that Epic Records mishandled the Bobby Shmurda criminal situation.

“You know what I would really like to see, though?” 50 Cent asks during an interview with DJ Whookid on Shade 45. “I’d like to see that check from Epic. How they didn’t get Bobby out? Why didn’t they bail Bobby out?”

Bobby Shmurda reportedly posted the $2 million bail in late January after spending six weeks in jail for weapons, conspiracy and drug paraphernalia charges.  Shmurda could face 25 years if convicted. His GS9 crew faces more than 100 charges.

50 Cent said that he bailed fellow G-Unit members Young Buck and Lloyd Banks out of jail. Young Buck recalls the time when he was in prison after an incident at Madison Square Garden.

“I went to jail,” Young Buck says in the interview. “Me, Banks all us went to jail, right. I’m a tell you man, we was in [Madison Square Garden, just to do the paperwork roughly an hour and half. In that hour and a half, I caught a charge in jail. Within an hour and a half in jail I catch a fucking charge in jail. Who does that? On some real live shit. An attempted murder charge in jail. Shoutout to the mutherfuckers who got that check out of me in jail…you got your ass wooped for that check.”

Bobby Shmurda signed to Epic Records in July 2014, after his single “Hot Nigga” went viral.

Former G-Unit executive Sha Money XL signed up to Epic Records in Spring 2013.

In a jailhouse interview with Billboard released Friday (February 13), Bobby Shmurda says he aspires to be like 50 Cent.

“I just want to be like 50 Cent. Or Jay Z. It’s fabric,” Bobby says. “I just want to be like 50 Cent. [Laughs.] I want to be like Biggie, Tupac. Fabric rap. Fiction rap.”

Shmurda says the streets are sticking by him while Epic has not.

“No, no. They’re not bailing me out,” Shmurda says. “They’re [Epic] not standing by me that much. Every time I call them, there’s excuses about [parent company] Sony, this and that. So, nah. It’s more people on the streets that’s standing by me more than them. I haven’t gotten a visit from one of them yet. Nah.”

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