DJ Premier discussed his upcoming album with Nas while sitting down with Royce Da 5’9” and Adrian Younge for an interview posted by VladTV.

“Nas has one more album to obligate to Def Jam,” DJ Premier says in the clip. “He said he didn’t really want to do [the joint album] there, he wanted to move on and do it independently, so we could do it how we want it. So I was like, ‘All right, when the time come just holler at me, I’m here.’”

DJ Premier says that his chemistry with Nas is very strong.

“Nas is another one that I have a cool relationship like I have with Royce,” DJ Premier says. “It’s kind of, we may not see each other everyday, or talk to each other all the time but it’s regular. Royce and I have a regular relationship. It’s no big deal, but when it goes down, it goes down. When we get in the lab we both really represent. Same thing with Nas. We pick it where we left out in conversation…If he says, ‘Let’s do it,’ I’m not like, ‘Oh, I’m tired of waiting.’ It’s like he could say I’m ready tomorrow and I’m with it. I’m in no rush. Right now we have PRhyme. Whenever it goes down, it’s going to be natural to do. It’s going to be special because it’s not like anything I’ve done in the history of my career.”

DJ Premier recalls an instance of chemistry with Jay Z.

“Jay Z is the same thing,” DJ Premier says. “I’ll just jump into a conversation that we talked about 20 years [ago] and you think that we just hit a pause button and released a conversation. I remember when he was doing hisReasonable Doubt anniversary documentary at my studio, and we were having an argument about some stuff. Jay waked in and jumps in like he was there the whole half hour. It’s funny because that how natural we picked up from being around each other.”

DJ Premier collaborated with Royce da 5’9” on the December release PRhyme. The joint album received four out of five from HipHopDX.

Royce also addressed the potential Slaughterhouse collaboration with TDE.

Just Blaze actually did a beat for the Slaughterhouse TDE song,” Royce Da 5’9” says. “It’s just hard to put together. Its something we pursued. Me, Q, Soul, Jay Rock, Kendrick and Marshall actually sat at talked about the song. They came to Detroit one time and talked Em’s studio about to make the song. Just Blaze and JUSTICE league collaborated and made a crazy beat and it just hasn’t come together yet.”

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