Rekindling a playful social media bickering that dates back to Kevin Hart making fun of Drake shooting an air-ball while warming up with the University of Kentucky in October, the Toronto rapper and Meek Mill both clowned the comedian for his choice of wardrobe on Instagram yesterday.

A few hours before Hart appeared alongside Will Ferrel and Jimmy Fallon on a late-night spot after the Super Bowl, Drake and Meek Mill as well as Hart’s fellow comedian Lil Duval made fun of the Philly comic for wearing a sleeveless leather shirt.

Let's start a petition for kev 2 take this shirt off ???? cmon Man U from philly @kevinhart4real

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Meek Mill kept at it with a few follow-up posts aimed at Hart.

Caption this……… ?

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Shortly after, Hart responded and promised retaliation.

Jesus Christ…..where in the hell do I start???? Why is @champagnepapi in a bathtub with a hookah???? Who said that this shot would be great for UR career. Is this a Canadian thing??? This looks like a "Sex Hotline" add….I bet the bubbles were your idea. This looks like a Lionel Ritchie album cover….what in the hell are you staring at??? This is truly your "WORST BEHAVIOR" you just went 0 to 100 real quick with this dumbass picture….Holy shit Drake looks like the type of guy that would drink his own bathwater… his voice "It taste like cucumber melon" …..u look like a light skin Gerald Levert with that dumbass beard!!!! I hate it….I demand that you lose that beard ASAP. Boooooom Biiiitttccccchhhh #WarHasBeenDeclared #ThisIsWhatiDo

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