With a new special edition Rolling Stone magazine issue listing the publication’s “100 Greatest Hip-Hop Songs” ever last month, Bone thugs-n-harmony rapper Layzie Bone recently took to Facebook to complain about the Cleveland group not being included in the feature.

“You mean to tell me not one Bone song made there roster. SMH,” Layzie wrote on his Facebook wall.

Read the Bone thugs rapper’s full Facebook post below:

“‪#‎RollingStone‬ releases new issue ‘The 100 Greatest Hip-Hop songs’ you mean to tell me not one Bone song made there roster. SMH. First rap group with a Grammy. Over 50 mil sold worldwide and, we contributed a style and harmony that changed hip hop 4eva. They trying to sweep me and my Niggaz under the rug huh. Erase us from history. Nah fuck that and fuck #RollingStone I’m heated ‪#‎BoneThugsNHarmony‬ ‪#‎Eternal‬ we still selling out shows 20+ years and counting. BITCHES”

Last year, Layzie spoke with HipHopDX about the Bone thugs-n-harmony legacy and going out on his own as a solo artist. Answering a question about one of the group’s most popular songs, “Tha Crossroads,” Layzie said, “It don’t ever get old.”

“It’s just like putting on Michael Jackson ‘Thriller‘ or ‘Beat It.’ It’s a classic, and classics never get old. It the simple fact that in time everyone is gonna always experience death or loss in their life, and it’s gonna be played at a funeral. Plus it sounds good, and it’s a heal-the-heart song. It can never get old…We lost one of our Bone members, Wally, and that song took on a couple of versions. We lost Boo, and some other crew members, and we made the song. Then after that, we remixed it once Eazy-E died. It was just like as we were being so blessed, we took a lot of losses too.”

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