During a recently released interview with MTV’s Rob Markman, Los Angeles rapper Kid Ink spoke on his upcoming sophomore album Full Speed, scheduled for release this coming Tuesday (February 3).

He also briefly outlined the main differences between the aforementioned project and his 2014 major label debut, My Own Lane.

“’My Own Lane’ was kinda like me showing who I was and showcasing me as an artist but still being a little bit more personal and kinda showing people how my content could be used on so many different lanes in music and I just make them all my own,” Kid Ink says. “With ‘Full Speed’ I’m a little bit more confident in the direction so I’m just attacking it full speed.”

Elsewhere, Kid Ink spoke on the takeaway he wants fans to leave with after hearing Full Speed. The “Body Language” rapper says he feels more free with what’s on his “first mind” on his sophomore project.

“If people really pay attention I think they can pick me apart more than they think,” he says. “People are always like, ‘Yo, you never talk about yourself’ and this and that so I think listening to this record I’m a little bit more just free with what’s on my first mind and not trying to show and prove as much as just having fun, man.

“I think there’s some big records on here and it’s all different kinds of singles,” Kid Ink adds. “At the end of the day, man, the fans want what they want. I don’t even have to push the records and they go, ‘I want this Chris Brown record.’ ‘Alright, I’m not gonna fight ya’ll, as long as ya’ll know that this I what you’re choosing [and] don’t put it back on me and say this is the only type of artist I am if ya’ll not helping me do something different.’”

Kid Ink’s full interview — that comes accompanied with a go-kart race against Rob Markman around Pole Position Raceway in Jersey City, NJ — can be seen below:

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