According to Bay Shore, New York rapper Erick Sermon, he found himself in a feud with fellow lyricist Rakim over what was a perceived diss on the EPMD record, “You’re A Customer.” During an interview with Vlad TV, Sermon revealed that the story of the feud was even used by Nas in one of his records after he shared the story of the beef with the Queensbridge rapper.

The EPMD wordsmith revealed that at the time of the feud he and Rakim lived two towns apart from one another. He explained that following the release of EPMD’s “You’re A Customer,” people from Rakim’s town took the song’s ‘It’s like a diggum smack” line as a response to Rakim’s “You could get a smack for this” line on “I Ain’t No Joke.”

“Matter of fact, I told this story to Nas,” Erick Sermon said. “And Nas was like—He put it on one of his singles. That album that Nas had did for—The song that he had make for Rakim. He put that story I told him in the record. What it was was Rakim said ‘You can get a smack for this, I ain’t no joke.’ So, then EPMD we had dropped ‘You’re A Customer.’ ‘It’s like a diggum smack. You smack me and I smack you back.’ So, the hood took that as ‘Oh yo Rakim, I think EPMD dissed you.’ Then Rakim came back with ‘Follow The Leader’…He was going…It got to a point where it got too far. And then we finally squashed the beef in like 1993.”

After sharing the story of EPMD’s feud with Rakim, Sermon criticized today’s rappers for being unable to beef with one another without turning to violence or trading disses on social media. He also stated that a number of rappers out today “are very sensitive.”

“The egos wasn’t bruised like they are now,” he said. “A lot of guys are very sensitive right now. A lot of guys they can’t really handle that, as far as getting talked about. We come from a different school where sticks and stones. ‘Okay, we don’t have to fight or don’t have to do whatever.’ If anybody knew how to rap for real or rhyme—a lyricist for real, there wouldn’t be a problem. You know what I’m saying? But you dealing with somebody who don’t know how to come back on the mic. And they come back in other ways with either violence or again, doing the other fuckery shit, which is YouTube and videos and graphics and all type of other stuff.”

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