Chance the Rapper was one of several key Chicago figures to attend the inaugural Get Schooled, Get Connected Challenge yesterday (January 19) at Malcolm X College.

The citywide campaign linked organizations such as Get Schooled, Internet Essentials by Comcast, Chicago City of Learning (CCOL) and a number of community-based organizations with Chicago Public Schools for a first-of-its-kind educational event.

The three-month challenge consisted of a variety of “quests,” ranging from college prep to digital literacy. Students were rewarded with laptops, athletic apparel and gaming systems for their involvement and earned points that were allocated to their school’s overall score.

By January 11, the kids had completed more than 50,000 quests.

Internet Essentials presented the students a $100,000 check, which will be used to bolster computer labs, increase Wi-fI access on school grounds and support digital literacy education.

The check will be divided amongst the six high schools and six CBOs that earned the most points.

Additional notable celebrities in attendance included Sway Calloway and Christina Milian.

“It means a lot when celebs come to the city and give back to a community they aren’t from,” Chance wrote via Instagram. “Made a good friend today.”

He also thanked Sway, Get Schooled and the Chicago White Sox for helping the city’s schools via Twitter.

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