With all the drama surrounding Lil Wayne and Tyga, among others at Young Money, it’s rare to hear someone actually praise their situation at the label.

That’s what singer Christina Milian is doing. Recently sitting down with HipHopDX (presented via DX Daily), Milian says YMCMB is a “smaller” situation than she’s used to and feels like she has complete creative control over her music–something others at the label have been complaining about the lack of.

“I loved being at a major label,” she said when asked about her situation at YMCMB. “I had a family that was there and actually that was more traditional. This time I feel as big as they are and they are mainstream it’s still, it’s treated very independent. You’re not sitting there with A&R’s. It’s a small company actually and it’s run by a lot of artists to be truthful.”

Christina Milian also remarked that her experiences at Birdman’s label are something new to her and that she’s able to do things on her own.

“So even for me, it was very new for me when I first signed because I was used to developing my self amongst a record label full of staff,” she said. “Not, it’s about having the opportunity to independently do it on my own.”

View the segment below:

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