Less than a week after he made headlines for a lengthy conversation on race and white privilege with Ebro and Peter Rosenberg on Hot 97, Macklemore has confirmed that he will release a new album in 2015.

The Seattle emcee hasn’t offered up any more information but fans can likely expect longtime collaborator Ryan Lewis to be involved in the project. The duo’s last album, their official studio debut, was released more than two years ago in October of 2012 and won Best Rap Album at the 56th Grammy Awards in 2014.

Earlier this week, Macklemore spoke out about his place as a white rapper in a national dialogue about race in light of the deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown.

“For me, as a white dude, as a white rapper, I’m like, ‘How do I participate in this conversation?'” he wondered. “How do I get involved on a level where I’m not coopting the movement or I’m not making it about me but also realizing the platform that I have and the reach that I have? And doing it in an authentic, genuine way. Race is uncomfortable to talk about, and white people, we can just turn off the T.V. when we’re sick of talking about race.”