After noticing that the “hottest female rapper” — better known as Nicki Minajput him in her song, “Trini Dem Girls,” Metta World Peace said on Twitter that he was adopting a new name.

“I changing my name for two days,” he wrote via the social media site. “The Nicki Minaj song inspired this;).”

Metta then proceeded to change his name to Metta Minaj.

He didn’t stop there. Later, he encouraged others to do the same and even joked about getting his new last name stitched onto his jersey and commentators addressing him as “Metta Minaj.”

“We need 2000 dudes to change their Twitter last names to Minaj. Ok, go,” he wrote on Twitter.

Metta caught the attention of the real Minaj, who retweeted him and posted a series of emojis after his comment.

The former NBA champion changed his name to Metta World Peace in 2011. He was formerly known as Ron Artest.

His tweets are as follows: