Tuesday night, Damon Dash, Clark Kent and other DDMG staffers gathered press at Def Jam’s Manhattan offices to play 13 tracks from ODB‘s upcoming release, A Son Unique.

The album definitely reps Dirty well. Head-nodders and ass-shakers abound. It’s an interesting blend of Roc-A-Fella meets Wu-Tang. RZA, Raekwon, Ghostface and Method Man guest, as do Young Gunz, Joe Budden, Nore and producers Mark Ronson and Boola. Another wild combo is ODB and Macy Gray on two tracks. Despite ODB‘s untimely passing, his music is about to bring the ruckus. And for a few moments, we can all honor the rapper many hail as a hip-hop legend.

Track listing:

1. Lift Ya Skirt w/Missy, prod. By Mark Ronson

2. Pop Shots feat. Lil Fame of M.O.P., produced by DJ Premier

3. Operator w/Clipse & Pharrell

4. Back In The Air w/Ghostface, prod. By RZA

5. Work For Me w/Young Chris of Young Gunz, prod. By Rockwilder

6. ODB Don’t Go Breaking My Heart w/Macy Gray, prod. By Dame Elliot

7. Stomp w/RZA, prod. By RZA

8. How Ya Feelin, prod. By Dame Elliot

9. Intoxicated w/Raekwon, Method Man & Macy Gray, prod. By RZA

10. Dirty & Grimey w/Nore, prod. By Dame Grease

11. Danger Zone w/ Joe Budden, prod. By Boola

12. Skrilla w/RZA, prod. By RZA

13. Don’t Hurt Me Dirty, Prod. By Soul Diggaz