Nas is expressing his support for bitcoin, a digital universal currency, by giving it away to fans who get the highest score in the Nas Rap Test. Allhiphop reports that the rapper announced the contest via Facebook yesterday (December 22).

The bitcoin, courtesy of Coinbase, will be divided among the top 100 scores in the music quiz at the end of the week.

Rap Test offers nine quizzes each featuring a different rapper. Participants listen to a segment of a song by the chosen rapper and try to select the correct song from a list before time runs out. As the levels get higher, the time gets shorter and the songs become more obscure.

Nas spoke with Coindesk in August and said that bitcoin will become its own era larger than the Internet. He also said he has been collecting the currency but has yet to make a purchase with it.

This is not the first time bitcoin has been in Hip Hop news. 50 Cent reportedly accepted bitcoin for Animal Ambition. Kanye West won a lawsuit against digital currency makers who named their product Coinye West.

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