In a Fox News segment from December 12, Sean Hannity questioned why Governor Cuomo would choose to meet with Jay Z, whom Hannity refers to as a “former crack dealer.”

The Daily Show took issue with Hannity’s remarks.

“Fox News has 99 problems, but Jay Z ain’t one,” The Daily Show’s Jessica Williams says.

According to Williams, Fox News has made its fair share of critical comments about the Black community and its cultural and political figureheads. A recent target of the network is Jay Z.

Williams suggests in a The Daily Show clip that Fox News must be employing a new rule whereby everyone’s title now includes the worst act they’ve ever committed. These titles range from Ted Nugent, the “Statutory Rape Advocate,” to Rush Limbaugh, the “prescription drug addict.”

Fox News and the New York Post were among the publications to refer to the rapper-entrepreneur-head of Roc Nation as some variation of “Ex-Crack Dealer.”

The Daily Show segment is available for viewing below:

For additional Jay Z coverage, watch the following DX Daily:

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