Shortly after Chuck Inglish released “Chillin While We Sippin,” a collaboration he recorded with Kid Cudi years ago, the Michigan rapper was targeted in a series of tweets made by Cudi for releasing “unfinished material that doesn’t belong to them.”

According to, the Cleveland, Ohio rapper referred to Chuck Inglish as a “hoe ass nigga” in a handful of tweets sent yesterday (December 15) and later revealed that the vocals for “Chillin While We Sippin” were “stolen” from him.


After Cudi’s first few tweets were sent out, Chuck Inglish responded directly to the rapper, stating that “this ain’t what you want.” Cudi then responded by laughing at The Cool Kids wordsmith.


Following his Twitter back-and-forth with Inglish over the “Chillin While We Sippin” leak, Cudi then threatened to take legal action over the leak. He encouraged Inglish to “break open that piggy bank hoe ass nigga and lawyer up.”

“Chillin While We Sippin” was released earlier this week, but dates back to 2010. The song was produced by both Chuck Inglish and Blended Babies.