Battle rapper Daylyt released a video with VladTV Monday (December 8) that features the Watts rapper threatening Drake over his role in a reported weekend altercation with Bad Boy CEO Sean “Diddy” Combs.

“I just heard Diddy just punched Drake.” Daylyt says in the video. “ First off, let me talk to Drake real quick.  I told you, you can not take Diddy for no sucker.”

The reference is to a brawl this weekend at DJ Khaled’s birthday party in Miami outside of Club LiV. Sources report that Diddy punched Drake in his shoulder, aggravating an existing injury, during the altercation. The scuffle reportedly broke out over the use of the beat for Drake’s “0-100.”

“Diddy ain’t no bitch nigga, he has a real crip nigga as his boyfriend,” Daylyt says in the VladTV video. “Now this is what I want to address Drake. I heard you got some goon on your squad OVO, but let me tell you, if you lay a muthafuckin finger on my man, you gon have problems. I don’t want nobody, nobody, touchin my son’s daddy, or my son’s other daddy.”

The video depicts Daylyt riding in the car with his kid in the backseat. Daylyt says that the kid is his and Diddy’s son.

“Ain’t nobody gonna touch Diddy, because Diddy gotta raise our kids,” Daylyt says. “ I’m gonna make sure I stop that by any means necessary, Drake…that’s my bitch, Diddy is my bitch…that’s my son’s father and you not gonna touch him.”

Daylyt has referenced Diddy Before. In an August interview, he said that he was interested in having sexual intercourse with Puffy.

“I’d fuck Diddy,” Daylyt says according to a story on “I’m not gonna front. I’d fuck the shit out of Diddy… Why not? Diddy’s attractive. Get him off like a bottle of Ciroc, a shot of Ciroc. He got plenty of Ciroc. Get him fucked up, I’ll fuck…I’ve always been infatuated with how he dances–it’s something about like the arms and shit. That shit’s sexy, yo. Like, pause. No homo. Let’s really be honest. Diddy’s thick, yo.’”

Daylyt has pulled stunts during Battle Rap competitions that include dressing as a KKK member and attempting to poop on stage. In an interview from March of this year, Daylyt explains that he wants to be a “gimmick” rapper.

“I don’t wanna be nice, I don’t wanna have bars, I want to be a gimmick rapper,” he said at the time. “That’s what I want to be. The gimmicks is getting me around the world, I don’t care for rapping no more. All these  niggas spitting their regular bars, they stay they ass in New York and Chicago, and sometimes Canada. Nigga, I’m around the world doing this dumb shit, I’m from Watts, Watts niggas don’t even leave L.A. I’ve made it around the world, I am a one of a kind, gimmicks has got me there, I will never stop, I’m a circus act, I will remain that way…I been to Australia, I seen a kangaroo with my own eyes, in real life my nigga. I’m sitting there looking at a kangaroo, five feet away from me, and I’m telling myself, rapping did not get me here.”

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