According to Detroit, Michigan rapper/producer Black Milk, the biggest lesson he learned while working with J Dilla was “to always remain humble.” Black Milk was asked about the late musician during a recent Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything).

In addition to being asked about the biggest lesson learned from J Dilla, the Motor City beatsmith was also asked about the possibility of a collaboration with Nas. In response to the Nas inquiry, Black Milk revealed that he one days hopes to get his beats to Nas.

“Biggest lesson I took from him is… hmm… Probably to always remain humble, you know what I’m saying? Remain humble no matter how many accolades you get,” Black Milk said. “And creatively try to stay innovative. That’s what I try to do, you know, as an artist. And hopefully! That would be awesome. I have plans to get my beats to NAS hopefully in the near future.”

As an artist based out of Detroit, Black Milk was asked a handful of questions about his hometown, during the Reddit AMA. One Reddit user asked the producer what his top five favorite Michigan Hip Hop albums are.

In response, Black Milk named albums from Eminem, Slum Village, Quelle, and Guilty Simpson.

“Eminem’s ‘Slim Shady LP,’ Quelle’s ‘Ghost at the Finish Line,’ Slum Village’s ‘Fantastic 1’ and ‘Fantastic 2,’ and Guilty Simpson’s ‘Ode to the Ghetto,’” he said after being asked about his favorite Michigan Hip Hop albums.

Black Milk, who just released his If There’s A Hell Below album, later revealed that he should be featured on fellow Detroit artist Danny Brown’s upcoming album. He also spoke on his EP with One Be Lo and the possibility of Random Axe 2.

“We actually recorded the EP,” he said. “It’s sitting in a hard drive, somewhere. I have no idea where that hard drive is. But hopefully, I can find that hard drive one of these days. And release that music. But yeah, we did record an EP. That’s happening. That’s already in motion. Trying to drop Random Axe 2 sometime next year. You can check out a song I did with Random Axe on my new album so check my new album.”

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