Azealia Banks’ Broke with Expensive Taste was secretly released November 6. Since its release, the Harlem, New York native has been trying to catch up on promoting the album.

Recently talking with The Daily Beast, Banks remembered her rough past including her stint as a stripper and living with her sister in order to avoid her abusive mother. On the subject of her mom, Azealia says her mother was a hard worker growing up, however she decided to move in with her sister after it began to get violent at their household.

“It got bad… Real bad. Like Mommie Dearest bad,” Banks says. “My mom was stressed. She was a single mom with three black daughters in New York City. My mom was a hard worker so we had a good upbringing and were never poor, but my mother was just crazy… She said, ‘You can live with me. You’ll have to sleep on the couch and have less money, but at least I won’t be beatin’ your ass all the time. At least you’ll have peace of mind.’”

Banks, who is no stranger to controversy, took shots at Eminem about his recent verse on “Shady CXVpher.”

“This is a dude who raps about killing his mother,” Banks says in belief that Eminem is exonerated too easily for his past behavior. “And I think it’s casually OK that you eat Hot Pockets and suck on your sister’s titty. That’s casual in the trailer park, right? What’s up? I really don’t care. I’m not trying to fuck Eminem, and I don’t need anything from Eminem. Didn’t he also have a song where a Black girl broke his heart and he was calling her a ‘nigger’ and all that shit? OK, Eminem.”

Azealia Banks also touched on her recent album release and the struggle it took to eventually put it out.

“It’s almost like an elephant’s pregnancy,” Banks said. “You’re pregnant for fucking ever, it’s swelling and swelling, and everyone was waiting for me to give birth to this ugly kid. They were saying, ‘This kid is going to be so fucking ugly.’ But then you finally give birth and the baby is beautiful.”

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