Big Sean talked about his Detroit roots in an interview with North Carolina radio station K97.5 that posted yesterday (November 10). 

“I really feel like it is a Detroit scene. It’s really popping,” Big Sean says in the interview. “Em has been the biggest rapper forever. Dej is on her way up and Royce…there’s a lot of new talent.”

Big Sean recently featured on “Detroit vs. Everybody” alongside Eminem, Royce Da 5’9”, Danny Brown, Dej Loaf & Trick.  The song is included in the forthcoming ShadyXV comp. 

Big Sean said that working with his idols is almost indescribable.

“It’s the greatest feeling of all time,” Big Sean says. “You can just imagine, I bought my first Eminem CD, or actually my mom bought it at a Costco… No matter how stressed, the fact that I get to have conversations with my idol Eminem and to be signed by my favorite artist ‘Ye…it’s a really cool thing. ” 

Big Sean recently released the video for his latest single “I Don’t Fuck With You,” featuring himself as a quarterback and with Kanye West as his coach. 

“I appreciate ‘Ye just for being so cool,” Big Sean says.

Despite Big Sean’s recent split with ex-fiancé Naya Rivera, the song was in production well before that. DJ Mustard, the song’s producer and a running back in the video, has been working with Big Sean on this song months prior to Sean’s separation.

“Certain words are directed toward somebody, but it’s not a bitter thing,” Big Sean says. “When I wrote that song ‘I Don’t Fuck With You,’ I wasn’t going through any relationship issues. I got in the studio with Mustard I heard the beat and that’s just what I heard. It was not like it came from a dark place, I was just happy and I came up with something funny. ”  

In April HipHopDX reported on the early stages of “IDFWU” in an interview with DJ Mustard.

DJ Mustard also says that he and KeY Wayne collaborated in the studio with Big Sean. Mustard says he was impressed by Big Sean’s ability to weave melodies into his verses.

“Sean writes like a singer would write,” DJ Mustard said at the time. “I think its better, he comes up with better stuff…he does melodies.’”

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