Freddie Gibbs and members of his entourage were shot at multiple times while in their black GMC Denali SUV today (November 4) after performing at Rough Trade in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, New York, according to the New York Post

“They tried to kill Tupac,” Freddie Gibbs said. “They tried to kill me. I’m still alive.” 

Freddie Gibbs took to his Instagram today to provide an update on his status. “Yep. Still Living. Thanks NYC,” he wrote.

“Everybody’s OK,” a source familiar with the incident says after speaking with Gibbs’ road manager in an exclusive statement to HipHopDX. “[Gibbs’ friend] got hit in the knee, but he’s recovering.”

Gibbs was the target of the shooting, the source says. “They chased him shooting,” the source says. “They just didn’t hit him.”

The source says the other person who was shot was a bystander.

Reports cite that there was one gunman in the incident, which took place on the corner of North 9th Street and Whythe Street. 

Gibbs avoided injury by jumping out of the vehicle and running into Rough Trade.

Gibbs’ DJ, DJ Izzo, was shot. Several people sent him well wishes via Twitter.

The gunman was spotted fleeing east on North 9th Street. Gibbs’ DJ and another member of his crew sustained minor injuries from the shooting and were taken to Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan to be treated for their injuries, and are listed as being in stable condition.

There is a surveillance video showing that the gunman had apparently disguised himself with a black hoodie to blend in with the Gary, Indiana native’s entourage for most of the night, including their time in the Guardian Green room of Rough Trade, according to police.

There was another man who was an allegedly hanging with the gunman during the night. An investigator reportedly told Gibbs that the surveillance video shows the shooter was standing right next to him at one point. Gibbs notified investigators that he had neither knowledge of who the gunman nor who his cohort was, despite them acting as if they belonged as members of his crew. 

Police also stated that Rough Trade’s security measures were low, citing no metal detectors nor checking customers for weapons upon entry prior to the incident.

As the case is currently under investigation, the gunman has not been identified, nor arrests have been made yet.