It’s Tuesday night and it’s snow stormin’ in NYC. But that doesn’t stop heads from showing up at Damon Dash‘s listening session/screening for Beanie Sigel‘s third album, The B.Coming, which is also the first release on Damon Dash‘s new label, Damon Dash Music Group. With tastemakers packed in the screening room, Dash welcomed the crowd, assuring them that B. Mac would have been here himself had he not been locked up in federal prison on November 8 for a one-year sentence. Dash went on to explain that it was Beans‘ time to shine. They were looking for 2,000 spins, airplay on MTV, even an appearance on TRL. It’s Beans‘ time, Dash repeated, boasting Beans as one of rap’s greatest lyricists – maybe of all time.

Most impressive, however, was the obvious amount of work Beanie put in before his incarceration. He shot five videos in five days, completed his third movie, State Property 2, which hits theaters April 13 and is directed by Damon Dash and features Dash, Omilio Sparks and N.O.R.E. , and shot footage for the short film shown during the listening session to accompany every song. There was in-the-studio footage, trial footage, boxing footage, drinking, smokin’ and chillin’ footage and takin’-it-back-to-the-hood footage. Be clear: The B.Coming, which is due out March 29 is impressive too, especially the Heavy D. -produced single “Feel It In The Air.”

Track listing/Producer:

1. Feel It In The Air f. Melissa/ Heavy D

2. I Can’t Go On This Way f. Freeway, Young Chris/ Aqua

3. One Shot Deal f. Redman/ Bink!

4. Gotta Have It f. Peedi Crakk, Twista/ Chad Hamilton

5. Don’t Stop f. Snoop/ Neptunes

6. Purple Rain f. Bun B/ DJ Scratch

7. Change f. Rell, Melissa Jay/ Ty Fyffe

8. Lord Have Mercy/ Ruggedness

9. Flatline f. Peedi Crakk/ Boola

10. Tales of a Hustla Pt. 2 f. Oschino & Sparks/ Boola

11. Look At Me Now/ Buckwild

12. Wanted (On The Run) f. Cam’ron/ Da Neckbones