During an appearance on #TuesdayNightLive with DJ Envy, both Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo spoke briefly on their time spent at Interscope Records as members of G-Unit.

Banks recalled times when those in G-Unit were asked to look at “the bigger picture” when it concerned releases. He added that at one point there was a time when the label didn’t want them to release any mixtape material.

“You know what’s crazy about those times? Envy, you gotta remember we was a part of that machine too,” Lloyd Banks said. “So, when you sitting up there and Jimmy like ‘Yo, we want you to do this with Avril Lavigne.’ Or before those records came they didn’t want us to do mixtape stuff either. So, when it came down to picking singles you got—Even 50 too. It was points where he was hearing the bigger picture too. And be like ‘Nah, if we do this we can sell more records.’ Cause you gotta think when I did ‘Smile’ I didn’t want to do that record. But it worked.”

In addition to speaking on G-Unit’s next EP, The Beast Is G-Unit, Banks provided an update on his solo projects. According to the Queens, New York rapper, he plans on releasing his Cold Corner 3 mixtape series and is also at work on his next solo album.

“I’m working on about three different things at the same time,” he said. “I got the Cold Corner 3 mixtape series I been working on. My album, my next solo album. I been throwing names around, but I’m not completely sure which way I’m gonna go with it yet. But I’m definitely working on that.”

Later in the conversation, Tony Yayo, who revealed that he’s “just working,” poked fun of 50 Cent’s frugal spending.

“Me and Banks, we like Louis. We like Hermès. We like the Foams,” said Tony Yayo, according to XXLMag.com. “50 the type of nigga that be like, ‘You know it costs two dollars to make those. You paid $200 for those. You’re crazy.’”

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