Kanye West rejected a formal offer from Planet Hollywood that would have made him one of Vegas’s highest paid acts, TMZ reports. The College Dropout star was offered $4.5 million for a nine-day concert residency at Axis at Planet Hollywood on the Las Vegas strip.

Details of the three-show-a-week, three-week residency were reportedly obtained by TMZ. The $500,000–per-show offer to Kanye West tops other Vegas acts, including J. Lo’s reported $350,000 fee, Britney Spears’ $475,000 fee and Celine Dion’s $476,000 fee.

No reports indicate the reason behind Kanye West’s decision to decline the formal concert offer. 

Kanye West has also not officially named a new DJ after recently parting ways with longtime tour DJ, Chicago-based producer Million $ Mano.

The critically acclaimed 2013 release of West’s latest album, Yeezusspawned the acclaimed Yeezus Tour.

Though the tour was full of sellouts, it was also full of controversy because of its merchandise, among other things. 

West recently spoke on his idea of perfection.

“My creativity is in no way limited to the genre of Hip Hop,” he said. “I feel like I’m like busting at the seams to do something more—Even when I did ‘Glow In The Dark’ it was pretty innovative. And like now we’re doing this and it’s innovative again…The pressure is just to create as much as possible. If you’re a creative person, it’s just to create as much as possible. Whatever you think of to get it off your chest. To get it out. And I feel blessed that I do have an outlet of this tour. Something that I can anchor a bunch of ideas against…The pressure is not like coming up with new stuff. The pressure is not getting things that you have in your mind out.”

It was recently announced that West would appear on the new album from “I Don’t Fuck With You” rapper Big Sean.

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