Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee awarded Bun B a Certificate of Congressional Recognition yesterday (October 23), for his role in the 2014 University of Houston-Downtown Student Government Association “Walk 2 Vote,” according to

The Houston “Walk 2 Vote” event held yesterday (October 23) was in support of University of Houston-Downtown students who were looking to unite people in the name of voting.

The UGK artist has extensive ties with his local community. Bun B has served as a distinguished lecturer at Rice University since 2011. Bun B has taught classes such as “Hip Hop and Religion.”

Bun B also helps his local community through his food suggestions on

He also has his own official “Bun B Day” on August 30. Houston recently honored Drake with a day of his own, as well. 

Bun B recently opened up in an interview about his connection to fellow Houstonian musicians.

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