Speaking with Hot 97 in an edition of the network’s “The Reflection” interview series, Remy Ma explained the effect that her time in prison has had on her life. After recalling her career highlights with Terror Squad on songs like “Lean Back,” Remy detailed the shock of being sentenced to eight years behind bars for a shooting incident that took place in 2007. 

“My entire stint in prison I was frustrated and overwhelmed constantly,” she said. “I didn’t even really have time to process what was actually going through my mind when I find out that I had to do time and so much of it. If it would have been a year or two I probably would have had a different reaction. When someone tells you, ‘Alright, you have to do eight years starting right now.’ No time to go home and situate things with your family or just your household, certain day-to-day things that you do. Business accounts, everything. It was just all just like, ‘Yeah, you have eight years to do and you have to do it starting right now.’ It was just so unreal to me. My brain wasn’t even grasping what was going on until probably about a week later until I realized, ‘Okay, this is where I’m gonna be and I can’t leave.’”

Remy Ma served six of her eight-year sentence before being released earlier this year. During the interview with Hot 97, Remy went on to address her relationship with Papoose and the support she’s received from her husband and fellow rapper.

“Papoose has definitely been a rock in my life,” she said. “When I felt that I wasn’t gonna be able to make it through the amount of time that I was given and still be myself, and still have my sanity, he was the person that let me know it could be possible and stuck by my side every part of the way, holding my hand, making sure that if anything happened he would be there. That of course, by the grace of God, I was able to stay as close to me as I am.”

Before signing off, the There’s Something about Remy emcee offered up life advice to fans and listeners.

“The advice I would give to someone based on everything that I went through, I would definitely tell them to, one, count your blessings,” she said. “You never know when they’re gonna be taken away. You never know what’s gonna happen, never mind tomorrow, you never know what’s gonna happen in the next hour. Anything can happen. Now that I’m actually home I live every day like it could be taken away from me tomorrow. I would definitely say take your time and enjoy your moments. Just live your life the best way that you can for right now but that you wouldn’t be ashamed of in the future.”

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