With his upcoming Chemically Imbalanced album slated for release on October 27, Chris Webby spoke with HipHopDX about including a song about climate change on the final track-list.

Explaining why he thinks “rappers need to start caring a little more,” Webby detailed his thoughts on using Hip Hop as a tool to inform listeners.

“So, there is a song on Chemically Imbalanced called ‘Stand Up,’ which is one of my personal favorites,” Webby said. “It tackles the issues of climate change and a lot of the environmental disasters that are happening. It covers a lot of the political corruption that so many people from our generation are blind to…So many of these kids just aren’t informed and I feel like that’s why rap is here in a sense. They’re here to blow up the dudes who are doing all the shit behind the scenes. We’re the ones who gotta tell everybody and put them on the spot and tell the truth. Of course you need the braggadocious, fun, party shit. But Hip Hop is a medium to explain things to people. You can say so much in one song, so I think it’s important to take a stand on shit. If you care about something, fucking talk about it. Not just popping bottles and fucking bitches. Everyone loves that of course. I mean, if that’s all we’re fucking worried about we’re going to hell in a handbasket on this planet. I know that much. Just care. Rappers need to start caring a little more. Just a little bit.“

Chris Webby’s latest single features Talib Kweli, Grafh, B-Real, and Trae Tha Truth. Listen to “Dopamine” on HipHopDX here.

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