Dilated Peoples recently discussed the group’s growth during an interview with Roy Choi for CNN’s Street Food With Roy Choi. In the piece, Evidence, Babu and Rakaa Iriscience explain how their 2014 album Directors Of Photography is bringing them back to where they began.

“Everything is very full circle for us,” Babu says in the clip. “Starting off as an independent group, it’s like we’re back in the same place. It’s just us three…and the music. And the music is very honest. Stripped down.”

Rakaa agrees, adding that this album also showcases the group’s ability to use imagery in its work.

“With Directors, Dilated being a very visual group…for the album itself, when you’re listening to it, it’s like you’re reading an ill graphic novel,” he adds. 

In the video, Evidence also reflects on where the group fits in the landscape of Hip Hop. 

“We’ve sold a lot of records on Capitol,” Evidence explains. “Probably a million records total from four albums. Maybe more. I don’t quite know where we fit in as far as the big picture of whether we’re Pop or whether we’re underground. We make boom-bap underground Hip Hop.”

For more on Dilated Peoples, view the video on CNN.

Dilated released its most recent album,Directors Of Photography, earlier this year, a critically acclaimed effort that earned the group a 4.5 out of 5 X rating on HipHopDX.

Catch Dilated on tour in the next few months. A list of the trio’s upcoming tour dates is here

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