SD has announced the release of his upcoming album, Truly Blessed, a project that follows a series of Life Of A Savage mixtapes.

The effort is set to be released November 18, 2014 through iHipHop Distribution.

SD, a 19-year-old Chicagoan, has collaborated with several artists in the past, including RiFF RAFF and Lil Debbie.

Truly Blessed is a 15-track project that features production from Sonny Digital and DeeMoney, among others.

Truly Blessed’s tracklist and cover art are as follows:

1. Confident (produced by Sonny Digital)

2. Styles (produced by DeeMoney)

3. Movies (produced by DeeMoney)

4. Clockwork (produced by Sonny Digital and B Wheezy)

5. Saved Me (produced by Cash Money AP)

6. Circles (produced by Omen and AudioBLK)

7. D.R.U.G.S. (produced by Devin Cruise)

8. Private Party (produced by Cash Money AP)

9. Gossip (produced by Young Lan)

10. Loyalty (produced by DeeMoney)

11. Big Things (produced by Cash Money AP)

12. For Da Money (produced by Domeno)

13. I Do (produced by Cash Money AP)

14. Daily (produced by Philly Beats and Dre Day Beatz)

15. No Worries (produced by Cash Money AP)

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