Bishop Nehru says he hopes to have Nas and MF DOOM on the same song.

“They would be great together,” Nehru says in an interview with GoodFellaMedia. “We haven’t seen that yet and I feel like it can happen. I feel like it can happen. I’m going to get it to happen. This is not a guarantee. Don’t mark my words, but I’m going to try to get it to happen.”

Nehru recently released NehruvianDOOM with MF DOOM and his upcoming solo album is set to be executive produced by Nas. The album is slated to be released through Nas’ imprint, Mass Appeal Records.

During the GoodFellaMedia interview, Nehru also explained why he separates himself from “Turn Up” acts.

“I love listening to it,” he says. “I love turning up while listening to it. But, it’s about the energy. I mean, I had prior knowledge of music that I was raised listening to and I know that’s not what I was taught originally and it wouldn’t be real for me to create that. It wouldn’t be me. Growing up, I was bumping Waka’s ‘Karma’ everyday first period in Electronic Piano. Everyone in my class is like, ‘What’s going on?’ But, I’m the only person that can switch from the turn up, switch to Classical, Rock, Jazz or Funk.” 

NehruvianDOOM can be heard here

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