Speaking with XXL about plans for upcoming A$AP Mob releases in an interview released earlier today, A$AP Yams explained why the crew decided to shelve their planned group project originally scheduled for an August release.

“You’re about to hear a lot from us in the [next] couple of months,” he said, responding to a question about where recently released singles like “Hella Hoes” will be placed. “We honestly have been very quiet. It’s been a stale ass year. Nothing has inspired us to drop nothing. So we went back to the drawing board with it. It’s drawing board season right now. It’s been a lot of wack shit. So it’s like, how are we going to fuck them up right now? How are we going to shake up the world right now? If you ain’t trying to shake up the world, you ain’t going to shake up shit.”

Addressing why he thinks 2014 has been a low-point for Hip Hop as a whole, Yams said, “this is probably the worst year of Rap music ever.”

“It wasn’t any trends; musically it was a lot of dry-ass shit,” he said. “Everybody [who] was supposed to drop, dropped the ball. This is probably the worst year of rap music ever. Let’s be honest. This is the worst year of rap music ever. It’s just been allegiances and people hyping shit up. Man, that shit trash.”

Shortly after, XXL reached out via Twitter for responses from fans and quickly turned around with a separate article. 

During the interview, A$AP Yams also addressed the status of upcoming solo albums from individual members of the collective. Speaking about A$AP Ferg, Yams said, “you don’t know what to expect from him.”

Ant’s got a couple mixtapes and a solo project,” Yams said. “Ant is gong [sic] to really shock a lot of people because Ant is a brilliant A&R. A lot of artists that I had found or put notice on was through Ant. Ant will be discovering an artist and on top of that he has a good ear for beats. Sometimes he gives me a beat and says, give this to so and so, they would sound good on this. Ferg is going to be crazy, you don’t know what to expect from him. It’s like you wouldn’t know what to expect from Busta Rhymes.”