The Grouch, who is bringing back How The Grouch Stole Christmas this year after a hiatus in 2013, recently discussed the tour series’ significance with HipHopDX. 

How The Grouch Stole Christmas Tour is a platform that I and a few others started building eight years ago,” The Grouch says. “We skipped last year to work on The Tortoise and The Crow so we’re on our seventh annual [run]. I’ve been told by many attendees that it’s a yearly tradition for them around the holidays. When I started, there weren’t many Hip Hop acts touring at that time of year. I wanted to do something that showcased independent artists like myself as well as up-and-comers or long-time pros that are putting in good work and maybe not being heard as much as I feel they should be.”

Throughout the tour series’ run, several other emcees have been able to join The Grouch, something the G&E emcee is proud of.

“We’ve brought OGs like Evidence, Brother Ali, Zion I [to past How The Grouch Stole Christmas runs],” The Grouch says. “We’ve also brought folks like Fashawn, Los Rakas, Alexander Spit, when they were less experienced than they are now. A large part, of course, is spreading sensible messages to the people and providing a place to have a safe uplifting experience for everybody. In past years we’ve combined toy and food drives and even opened the stage to local talent contest winners, some who had never performed in public before. Overall, this is just another representation of a sturdy house that independent Hip Hop has built. I’m blessed to be doing this work and I’m excited for this year’s line up with Cunninlinguists, DJ Abilities and G&E!” 

The Grouch & Eligh released their triple album The Tortoise and The Crow last year, a triple album released with the help of a Kickstarter campaign that featured Pigeon John and Kreayshawn.

To see the announcement flyer for this year’s How The Grouch Stole Christmas, click here.

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