Brother Ali is set to go on his upcoming Home Away From Home tour. 

Brother Ali is set to hit the road September 12 in Iowa. The tour is scheduled to come to an end November 14 in Chicago, Illinois. 

Ali is slated to be joined by Bambu, DJ LAST WORD and MaLLy. 

“Our Home Away From Home Tour this fall is about touching cities that I’ve learned to love as 2nd homes for a decade+ of touring,” Brother Ali says via Twitter. “I wanted to do small venues in every city to get that intimate feeling with just the core listeners who are part of the music we make. The Home Away From Home Tour goes on sale this Friday and if you’re really tryna come vibe out with us in these small clubs, better get em!” 

Tickets are scheduled to go on sale Friday, July 25. Tour dates are below.

(July 21, 2014)

UPDATE: Brother Ali has released a video for his “Home Away From Home” tour track featuring Bambu and MaLLy. 

To go with the clip, Ali also notes the following.

“We’re very excited and grateful to be headed out on our Home Away From Home Tour with Bambu, MaLLy and Last Word,” he writes in a statement on Rhymesayers’ YouTube page. “Anyone who’s experienced my headlining tours knows that I like to have one DJ and one host for the entire evening and I choose my support artists very carefully. If you’re not up on any of our tour family’s music, please check them out so you’ll know how to appreciate them when we’re in your town. I also like to make a tour theme song with everyone in the crew to celebrate rolling out together. Please enjoy this track and we welcome your well wishes for safe travels and security for our loved one’s while we’re away.”

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