Memphis, Tennessee rapper Gangsta Boo took time to speak on her falling out with fellow Three 6 Mafia member Juicy J, during a newly-released interview with Vlad TV. She also revealed how the two were able to end their feud with one another.

Gangsta Boo described their falling out as “weird” and says she was “a hurt female” during their feud. According to Boo, DJ Paul was the one who linked the two back together through a phone call where both were able to express how they felt.

“It was weird,” Gangsta Boo said. “And I was a hurt female. You know us girls. We be hurt and we talk. And we vent and we rant and all that type of stuff. But Juicy reached out to me through Paul. And I hit him up and we talked for a minute and it was all love. He was telling me why he felt the way he felt during the time he did what he did. And I told him how I felt. And pretty much we can agree to disagree. And we all have the same common goal in mind, which is to keep the Three 6 Mafia legacy and name alive and untainted by us at least…Whenever Juicy need me on something, he got my number.”

While the status of Three 6 Mafia is unclear, Gangsta Boo did join DJ Paul, Crunchy Black, and Koopsta Knicca in forming a new group called Da Mafia 6ix. She also toured alongside the group for over 30 tour dates.

“I look at it like I’m gonna always be a part of Three 6 Mafia,” she said. “Juicy J is gonna always be a part of Three 6 Mafia…I did about 33, 34 dates with them. Straight, non-stop. We was doing so many shows back-to-back. And that was our first time touring together. We never toured together, for one…It was difficult, but it was fun because—But I’m a female and females need their space. I think females need their own transportation. We need a lot of time. And, you know, I got a lot of divalicious ways.”

Despite the current status of Three 6 Mafia, Gangsta Boo revealed that those in the group will always be considered “legends.”

“At the end of the day, we are all OGs,” the rapper said. “We are all legends. For those that don’t know, I’m Gangsta Boo. And I was the first lady in Three 6 Mafia. And I think that’s how I will go down in history.”

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