Kendrick Lamar’s “i” was one of last week’s most discussed songs in Rap. Now, its producer, Rakhi, is speaking about what he thinks of Kendrick Lamar’s upcoming album and how “i” came together.

“Every time Kendrick worked on the record, every time he had Ali mix it, he called me [to] come through,” Rahki said in an interview with MTV News. “He’s that type of artist where he wants the producer to be a part of the record, which to me is the most important thing in the world. That’s why the music comes out so good with Kendrick — he’s all about the music.” 

Rahki, who also produced good kid, m.A.A.d. city’s bonus cut “Black Boy Fly,” says Lamar went to great lengths to fly in musicians Rahki requested for the track. 

“We wanted it to sound exactly like the record,” he says. “The musicians that I chose to play on this record, I felt like they would be able to knock it down and give it that feel that Kendrick wanted, and they did an exceptional job…Everything you’re hearing is a replay; nothing is sampled to the actual master.”

Rahki, who says he’s heard the Kendrick Lamar album, has praise for the emcee and his upcoming project. 

“He’s a genius,” he says. “What he’s doing is really gonna change up a lot. The album is incredible.”

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