Nobody will ever forget the walk for cheesecake. P Diddy struck gold with television audiences all over with Making the Band. Now Diddy has gone back to the lab to put together another season of Making the Band- but there’s a slight twist to it.

In Making the Band 3, Diddy and crew are out to form another group, but not the hip-hop/R&B kind. This time Diddy has set out to form an all girl pop group. This season will follow Diddy on his trek to choose 19 girls to live together and compete for the chance of a lifetime. The girls will be judged based on their dancing ability, vocal talent, star power and willingness to be part of a group.

What will set this season apart is the fact that there will be no advance notice when members of the group will be cut. With that put into play, the girls will face an uncertain future and never remain comfortable. Add this to the fact that the women will stress under things like, weight, sharing a bedroom and beefing over use of the single telephone, we shall see how these women persevere under the overwhelming stress courtesy of P. Diddy.

Be on the lookout for Making the Band 3 coming to a television set near you.