Atlanta, Georgia rapper Jeezy has again addressed the reason why he was in jail for longer than expected upon being arrested when authorities discovered an AK-47 assault rifle on his tour bus. He credited being “a real person” as the reason why he was detained for so long.

According to the rapper, among those arrested with him were two bus drivers, his manager’s people, and others. He added that he was not willing to leave the others behind given how much they’ve put into his Under The Influence Of Music Tour with Wiz Khalifa.

“I really can’t speak on it a lot, but I will say that me and my crew should have never been detained,” Jeezy said during an interview with Power 92 Chicago. “And when it’s all said and done you [won’t] hear nobody from my crew had anything to do with nothing. And I will say this, a lot of people asked me why did I sit in there so long. The truth to that is I’m a boss, but at the same time I’m a real person. And it’s like those people on that bus…Two of my bus drivers, which they was well over 55-years-old. My camera man. Some of my manager’s people. They bust they ass for me on this tour and I refused to leave up out of that jailhouse without them coming out with me.”

Although the Southern wordsmith didn’t speak in much detail about his arrest during his conversation with Power 92 Chicago he did speak further on the matter during an interview with The Breakfast Club earlier this month.

“At the end of the day, real talk, you go through things in life,” the rapper said. “That’s just what that was. It’s only money, but it was more so about the principle to me. I wasn’t leaving no man behind, I don’t care how it went down. We could’ve sat in there [however] long…When this is all said and done—I don’t wanna get into the investigation ‘cause that’s what’s going on—I’m confident that you will see that nor me or anybody that was a part of my crew had anything to do with anything. Real talk.”

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