Days after Atlanta rapper Jeezy was arrested for possession of an assault rifle, fellow artist Drumma Boy has spoken out about the incident. According to the producer, he spoke to Jeezy just days before the arrest.

While speaking exclusively with HipHopDX, Drumma then commented on Jeezy’s “homeboys” and those associated with the rapper stepping up to “take that charge.”

“I talked to Jeezy last week,” Drumma Boy said during an interview that premiered in the DX Daily today (August 28). “Before the incident. So, I don’t know what he thinking right now or what’s going on, but I think he just really—You know, ‘Some homeboys had to handle some shit and it just happened to be my machinery. And shit, we step up. We handle whatever consequences we need to, period.’ It’s unfortunate. But I don’t think Jeezy personally shot or did anything with a weapon. You know what I’m saying? So, I think him personally—If you got the right niggas around you them niggas gonna take that charge. Them niggas gonna man up for what they did. He gon’ keep doing what he do. He’ll eventually get released and be back out here for September 2, Seen It All. It ain’t nuthin’. We done seen way worse than this. We done seen it all. So, we ready for this. We already was prepared for this.”

Jeezy along with several members of his entourage were arrested this week after the investigation of a fatal shooting, which took place during Wiz Khalifa and Jeezy’s Under The Influence Of Music Tour, led to authorities discovering an AK-47 assault rifle on Jeezy’s tour bus.

Most recently, Jeezy pled not guilty to possession of an illegal assault rifle. He’s expected to appear in court again on September 5, days after the scheduled September 2 release of his seventh studio album, Seen It All: The Autobiography.

The Atlanta lyricist is currently being held on $1,000,000 bail.

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