Cam’ron addresses Kanye West on “Back On Our Bullshit,” a song off Killa’s latest project, 1st Of The Month: Volume 3.

“Mr. West, what up? It’s been a while ‘Ye / Your music is tough, but them skirts is wild gay,” Cam says on the song.

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Kanye West has been criticized for his fashion choices in the past. In January 2014, Lord Jamar said the following about West‘s influence on style. 

“This feminine, emasculated style that’s trying to infiltrate Hip Hop, he’s one of the pioneers of that,” Lord Jamar said at the time in an interview with Soren Baker for HipHopDX. “Now when I say queer, am I trying to say that gay people can’t be gay? No. Everybody can be who they want to be. I don’t hate anybody. I love all people. But you can love a person and not agree with their ways and actions. And there’s a difference between tolerance and promotion. Okay? And you’re never going to get me to promote something that I don’t agree with. I can tolerate it. I’m not out there trying to bash anyone or brutalize someone or stop them from having their freedoms, but everything has parameters, too. You see what I’m saying. And I’m saying this Hip Hop shit has parameters. Things grow and evolve, but at the same time, you have to keep those parameters in order for the thing to remain what it is, or else it becomes something else. That’s all I’m saying.” 

West and Cam have worked together in the past, including work on “Gone” off Yeezy’s Late Registration album, but the two have also been at odds.

In 2010, Cam dissed Kanye West on a remix of ‘Ye’s “Runaway.”

“Kanye, you a sucka nigga / Dissed Dame, so my attitude is ‘Fuck the nigga,'” Cam said on the track. 

In January 2011, Cam’ron spoke about taking lyrical shots at Kanye West in an interview with MTV.

“The reason I took a shot at Kanye, he needed something done for his album [a couple of years ago, and] when he needed it, I sent it back to him in about an hour,” he said. “I needed something for my record and he was in Honolulu; he has to do this, he has to do that. And I’m one of those people, I do a favor for a favor. When you need it, I got it back to you. When I needed something, you couldn’t get back to me?” 

At the time, Cam said the two were “good” following this exchange.

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