Nearly three months after confirming that his series Power would return for a second season, 50 Cent has released an image of the show’s writers. 

The rapper revealed an image of the writer’s room on Instagram over the weekend. “WELCOME to the writers room POWER SEASON 2 #SMSaudio #power#animalambition #thebeauty.” 

Beyond this, 50 Cent is also working with Marlon Wayans. The emcee also announced this collaboration on Instagram, though he did not say what the pair is working on.

“Oh we working, we ain’t playing at and Marlon wayans,” he says on IG. 

50 Cent recently released The Beauty Of Independence with his fellow G-Unit members. The group released this album, which features “Changes” on iTunes as a surprise release last week. The effort is expected to sell between 12,000 and 14,000 units

50’s posts are below.

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