A snake bit a dancer during rehearsals for Nicki Minaj‘s upcoming MTV VMAs performance, according to TMZ

The snake is believed to be an anaconda, the publication says in its report. 

Minaj was performing “Anaconda” during the incident. 

While anacondas are not venomous, the site says they “often transmit bacteria that can lead to serious infections.” As a result, the dancer was taken to the hospital for treatment. 

The VMAs are set to air tomorrow (August 24) from Inglewood, California. 

(August 23, 2014)

UPDATE: Nicki Minaj says the dancer who was bitten by the snake during rehearsals performed at the VMAs.

“One of dancers got bitten by a snake,” she told MTV’s Rob Markman after the show, “And she handled it like a trooper. She went to the doctor, she’s fine, she actually still performed today.” 

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