Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder Dame Dash doted on the loyalty of women during a newly-published video interview. He revealed that women “are always more loyal” than men and later spoke on the insecurities men have when they work with one another.

According to Dame, “insecure” men in particular become resentful the more you try to help them.

“I think women are always more loyal,” Dame said. “They rock with you. They’re happy. They love when you win when they’re on your side. If they’re not mad at you there’s nothing—You notice I usually have female energy around me. You know what I’m saying? Men are insecure. And the more you help a man the more he resents you. Because he feels he should be doing the helping. No man, no real man likes another man to help them or take care of them. Especially an insecure man. He really doesn’t like that. But if he wasn’t insecure he wouldn’t need another nigga to take care of him in the first place. So, the more you rock with a dude. Even your best friend. The bigger you get there’s still some kind of a resentment there. That’s always gonna happen. Just because that’s the competitive nature of a man…But a woman it’s alright to me…They’re very loyal and they work really hard. And there’s compassion there. And there’s an insecurity—I’m not saying women aren’t insecure, but they’re not insecure about the things that men are insecure about. There’s two different sets of insecurities.”

Dame, who has worked with his ex-wife Rachel Roy on past business endeavors, did warn of the fallout that can come with disrespecting a woman. He said that if disrespected, a woman has the ability to “hurt you or make you feel any bit of the pain that you made her feel.”

“There’s nothing worse than an upset woman,” he said. “So, when you do get into a relationship and a business relationship for a woman as long as you play fair I feel that you’ll be treated like—Even if y’all not—Like if y’all was with each other and then y’all not with each other, as long as you play fair you good money. But if you disrespect a woman and she has the ability to hurt you or make you feel any bit of the pain that you made her feel then you’re gonna get that. And you have to own it…You want your woman to have the ability to take care of herself, but you still want to take care of her.”

Dame has addressed matters of business in a handful of recent interviews. Most recently, the rap entrepreneur called out film producer Lee Daniels, who he is now suing, over money owed.

“I was funding my own movies,” he said during an interview with Complex. “So, I funded The Woodsman for Lee Daniels. He really asked me to do him a favor and take the two million from The Woodsman… And I ended up never getting my money back.”

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