Creative Control doesn’t release as many videos these days but not long ago, the online TV/video company released some of the most followed video content in Hip Hop.

Dame Dash, the creator of the network, recently sat down with Vlad TV and explained his thoughts on Creative Control’s influence on the television-only network, Revolt TV.

“I think that Revolt, and I will officially say that and I don’t think there’s no disrespect to Puff but for them to say that they weren’t heavily influenced by Creative Control would probably have a lot of people upset and everybody knows that,” Dame dash said when asked to compare the content of each network.

Dash also said the reason he didn’t want to put the network on television was because its creative control would be affected by investors and outside groups that “aren’t a part of our culture.”

“Revolt was definitely influenced by Creative Control,” he said. “I just didn’t go get that $150 million from a hedge fund to show Comcast when everybody else did… Puff and I have always had a different business model. We do things different and that’s not no bad [thing].”

Dame Dash has recently invested in another venture. Taking to Instagram, he announced he was designing Poppington’s fall line and that the release would “change the world.”

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